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$NOIR is the world’s first

dynamically priced wine token.

On May 16, 2022, NOIR became the world’s first phygital wine token by minting 777 $NOIR tokens, backed by 777 physical bottles of NOIR New Moon Sparkling Rosé, on the SORA network, becoming one of the first builders to utilize the innovative technologies and expansive possibilities that blockchain networks offer their community.


The 16th of May has great significance, coinciding with the Blood Moon and a total lunar eclipse. This special day is an ode to NOIR’s unique composition; 100% Grenache grapes for this Méthode Traditionnelle wine were picked under the Full Moon from an organically grown, hand-farmed estate vineyard in the Sta. Rita Hills at low sugars with a low pH and beautiful natural acidity in 2019. 

The grapes were destemmed, crushed, pressed and settled before being racked into neutral french oak for fermentation and aging, and finished with a final dosage under the New Moon. All champagnes and most luxury sparkling wines are made using this technique. The end result is a luxurious, creamy mousse texture with notes of toasted brioche and ripe apricot jam.


The $NOIR token is the first phygital (physical + digital) wine token ever created and sets new standards for dynamically priced collectibles and luxury goods of the future.


$NOIR’s token supply truly represents the rare and collectible, as there will only be 777 NOIR tokens/bottles ever produced. $NOIR follows an XYK, continuous pricing curve. Meaning, every $NOIR token sold increases the cost of the next, however, they can also be sold back into the liquidity pool at any time, thus creating a marketplace for $NOIR.


Buy $NOIR for $XOR, sell, or redeem your tokens for bottles on

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$NOIR is also fully tradable on Those who are interested in getting exposure to $NOIR, but don’t necessarily want to buy a full $NOIR token can purchase fractional amounts via Polkaswap. However, you need at least 1 full $NOIR token in your account to redeem for 1 bottle.


1 $NOIR token entitles you to 1 of 777 limited-edition, hand-numbered bottles, shipped to you (or your wine broker) anywhere in the world, where it is legal to ship wine. $NOIR is deflationary. When a $NOIR holder wants to redeem their token for a physical bottle, the token is burned, thus reducing the total number of $NOIR in circulation.

In addition to claiming their physical luxury good, $NOIR redeemers receive several exclusive benefits:


Redeemers automatically become NOIR Club members, which entitles them to upcoming promotions 

and VIP access to events.


Redeemers will receive an exclusive utility NFT per bottle, limited to $NOIR redeemers only. This NFT is their VIP pass IRL and creates verifiable on-chain proof of their bottle’s authenticity and ownership.


We believe NFT proof-of-ownership will become a standard in verifying the authenticity of not only 

collectible wines, but all luxury goods of the future.




An account is one of the most important entities in the SORA network. If you have an account then you can trade with style and freedom on Polkaswap, buy $NOIR with $XOR, and redeem your tokens for 

bottles on


The account can be created in SORA for free without any limitations. SORA doesn’t have a KYC process nor a minimal balance limitation. You can also have as many accounts as you want. For instructions on setting up your account, start here and watch this quick and easy tutorial on setting up a polkadot.js wallet to get started on Polkaswap. Watch the tutorial on How to buy $NOIR on and here.



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