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A thread:

1/ The @Pizza_DAO party. Thank you @snack_man for inviting us to pair our cosmic sparkling rosé with delicious @RarePizzas, the vibes were molto bene!

2/ @BoysClubCrypto. I got to meet The Boys and copped their iconic #DeFiDaddy fit

3/ Hanging with @PolkaHaus and @Polkadot babes. The people in this eco are super fun & building amazing projects and we’re excited to be a part of it

4/ The Milady rave. It was the cutest, most cosmic moment of the week and I’ll forever treasure my #Milady tote and carry my $NOIR bottles in it

5/ Heading to @Consensus2023 next. We’re ready to bless your parties with our sparkling #web3wine, DM us if you’d like some


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