Perfect for parties and events.  Case = 24 Cans.  


• Noir is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. 


• Noir is picked under the Full Harvest Moon in the Santa Rita Hills of California. The gravitational force of the Full Moon pulls the soil’s water into the roots, creating the most hydrated and full-bodied grapes to pick.


• Created with Winemaker, Blair Fox, whose ultra-boutique label receives 90+ points on all of his wines and was awarded the Andre Tchelistcheff’s “Wine Maker of the Year Award”, at the largest wine competition in the world.


• Conveniently canned in 250 ml cans, with Prosecco-level (3.5 bars) of carbonation.


• Tasting notes of strawberry and guava.


• Designed to drink under the stars. ⭐️


• Shippping is included in listed price.  



24 Pack Case of Noir (Worldwide)

  • No Returns.