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We were honored to have NOIR served at the opening of the CHAOS exhibition, curated by Alexander May, Creative Director and Founder of SIZED. This event marked the one-year anniversary of Carpenters Workshop Gallery's physical space in Los Angeles, where art, form, and function seamlessly converge.

The title CHAOS encapsulated the show, exploring the investigation of contrasting textures and forms, revealing the inherent beauty that arises from disorder.

The works of over 20 renowned artists, including Rick Owens, Ingrid Donat, Sterling Ruby, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Thomas Houseago, and Suda Kokuta were on display.

NOIR brought a touch of chrome, bringing a reflective texture to a space where elements of naturalism were balanced against stark industrial pieces.

Cheers to the profound dialogue between artists, the exploration of scale, texture, and material, and the boundless possibilities that emerge from chaos & expression.

Stay tuned for more magical moments as NOIR continues to elevate the new worlds of art and wine.


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